wish u all the best and luck
November 12, 2009, 4:31 am
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SPM in 6 days time
ariffnotincluded like to wish all spm candidates gud luck !
20+ days to freedom 😀
tips to success in SPM!

  • solat 5 waktu
  • tidur cukup
  • dont watch Porn
  • minta  berkat ayahanda dan bonda
  • *for bahasa tamil tips ..u can ask Dr Ariff Khan he got PHD in tamil language
  • most important anda perlu lah berusaha “yang bulat tak datang menggolek, yang pipih tidak datang melayang’  😀

last but not least, hope u guys will past in spm with flying colours!


Bloody Crazy Dog Attack
August 1, 2008, 2:34 pm
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It’s been awhile since anyone posted anything on this blog so i decided to post an incident that happened just now. Me and my dad were walking home from sembahyang jumaat. We decided to take a shortcut which is through the alleyway to our home. Then i suddenly heard a barking sound behind me. When i looked back i saw this big ass crazy rabid dog coming towards me and my dad :O . Not thinking long i just ran! I ran for quite a distance and when i looked back my dad was nowhere in sight.I decided to go back as i was afraid that the bloody dog had bit my dad. When i reached the alley i saw the dog running away and my dad was chasing it :O. But then the owner of the dog came and protected the dog from being attacked by my dad and my dad was shouting at the owner as he had let the big ass crazy rabid dog loose. The owner said sorry and me and my dad headed back home. My dad was laughing at me as i had run and didnt stood my ground against the dog. I guess i dont have balls. HAHA. But well im scared of dogs. Kan afiq and ariff? hahaha

Ouh and this was written by azzim jo or jimmy to some. haha

ariff telo’s deffening wail
May 26, 2008, 10:53 pm
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HAHAHAHA Ariff’s voice time form 2 !

Azzim Jo’s post
May 15, 2008, 3:11 pm
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Time for me to write my first post.Asyik afiq je.hahaha.So today was basically just another day for me.Woke up at 650am.Siap2 suma for skool tgk2 dah 725am.Damn,late again.So as i walked into skool i could see all the prefects smiling at me.Like they expected me to be late,again.So yadayadaya ung said sumthing,chong said sumthing and ustzh said sumthing and they finally sent us to our classes.As i stepped into my class,4G,the first reaction from nazrin was,”pehal dgn rambut ko?”Babi.Biar la aku.Ko tuh gay tak sedar(joking).hahahahaha.The first paper we did today was est 2 which was damn easy.Then after est was chem 1 which was quite hard for me.Luckily emilia angkat her paper when she wanted to check her answers.Not wanting to lose the chance to copy from this smart and attractive girl(elele bangga la tuh kena puji :p) I copied sum of the answers.Thanx emilia azureen.hahaha.Then masa rehat evrything was as usual. Bakar kena paw ice cream.Ariff kena hina and hafiz tak habis2 buat bising.As there was no exam till 1205 after rehat,we all were talking bout anything dat crossed our minds as the final exam for the day was sivik and who in the right mind would study sivik?As there was nothing to do till sivik started we started to buli daniel chin.We called him kulop and pushed him around.Tuh la sapa suruh langci sangat.Kan kena buli.hahaha.And then nazrin panas kat daniel cauz he threw a chalk at nazrin.Gaah dah malas sial nak tulis. So this and that happend and it was already time to go home.We were still pushing daniel around and afiq pushed daniel till he hit a tiang.Then we all laughed.Then nazrin pun lepas geram kat aniel for the earlier incident.And after that me,afiq and azhar pun balik.So here i am,in my boxers and tees writing dis blog.


Ouh ouh i just wrote another poem.hahahaha.



When I think of all the times we’ve shared

from the silly to the sad

You’ve been the greatest friend to me

through good times and through bad.

We love to get crazy from time to time,

that’s what friends are supposed to do

But when times get rough

there is never a doubt that I can count on you.

We have the kind of friendship

that endures til the very end

Because I can’t imagine my life without you-

My Best and Forever Friend.


Cun tak?haha.God damn im sleepy.Gotta go.Till next time.


ariff not included :P
May 7, 2008, 2:43 pm
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we’re just three guys ( Afiq, Azzim and Afiq Kamal ) who were bored one night and decided to share a blog. 😀